Partnership in the House PRESS RELEASE (11/12/2007) In reply SY.RIZ.A Further to the Press Release of the SY.RIZ.A 16-10-2007, which his party supports the validity of the Political Marriage and sex couples, we are very happy that the association will schedule mas.Anamenoume concrete steps for the promotion of this configuration in order for it to win support from other political forces and to bring to fruition. Our Association is at your disposal for this purpose, and we expect relevant information to us. At this point, we want to locate a contradiction in the press release you: § If you really mean that the current regime for the civil wedding should also apply to both-sex couples, then it does not require any additional adjustment for the adoption of children (which he mentions), because the adoption was already covered by current laws. § But if you meant the passing another law with contents similar to the one for the civil wedding, whether it should mean that a law »« coexistence, then it needs special mention to adopt. In this case we want to remind you that all organizations of homosexual / bisexual citizens of our country are in favour of the implementation of current legislation for the civil wedding, not an act identical content. Remember that the subject of the award-sex couples from family, has been Literacy interdisciplinary conference, which was held in Thessaloniki in 2004. Finally, as you know, that the homosexual community by promoting the press release sent to us, we received comments concerning the informal form of (lack header, absence of a signature / reference responsible, the title of your party only in abbreviated etc.); which, of course, we were unable to respond, nor indeed have jurisdiction. With a price The President Odysseus Anastasopoulos THE SECRETARY George Tsitiridis I must confess that, after having read the above response of the Partnership from my initial confusion, the world's original recommendation made by Syriza level to be talking about «recognition of the symbiotic same-sex, in the form of civil marriage» accentuated after discovering that loat organization with a tradition of gravity can also anexodos to innovate.Because not need to settle on the law on political marriage to include in sex couples may have xanakousthei by some lawyers, but the experience of the countries which recognise the sex marriage shows that across all voted specific amendments to the current law . And I understand that the argument is a convenient platform for discussion and possibly exempt organizations from the requirement to submit more concrete proposals or to organise relevant actions, but I do not see what will benefit those who want to legalize their relationship and discover the refusal of their municipal authorities will have to apply individually to justice in a psychofthora, time and evrovora process with uncertain outcome. The same goes for the alleged failure need to regulate the law on adoption. This is a view I have to confess that I read for the first time, apart from a similar psellisma of OLKE. There are lawyers who can support her? But because there is a strong possibility for me to not understand it, we appreciate it if the thessalonikiotiki organisation was determined to clarify positions in the context of a genuine, bona fide intra dialogue.





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