Curing Female Sexual Dysfunction And Increasing Female Libido
New research at the University of Amsterdam suggests the current approach for treating female sexual dysfunction or low sex drive may be wrong. And may shed light on why focusing on increasing sexual desire (e.g. increasing sexual thoughts) has had limited success.

Current approaches for treating low female sex drive are often based on the classic model of the female sexual encounter and response developed by sex pioneers William Master, Virginia Johnson and Helen Singer Kaplan

According to their model a typical sexual encounter for a woman unfolds in the following sequence: It begins with desire (they describe desire as a craving for sex that arises within a woman of its own accord) and motivates her to seek a partner. The encounter with the partner leads to sexual arousal, followed by sexual excitement, sexual activity, climax (hopefully) and resolution. Put simply: Desire? Sexual Arousal? Sexual Excitement? Sex Activity? Climax? Resolution.

The recent studies indicate that the classic model needs to be reordered so as to place arousal before desire. The updated model would then look like this: Sexual Arousal? Sexual Desire? Sexual Excitement? Sex Activity? Climax? Resolution.

The studies suggest the best methods for increasing female libido maybe to focus on increasing arousability rather than increasing desire. This means the focus should be on creating the physical sensations and feelings of sexual arousal (arousability) instead of increasing sexy thoughts (desire). Once her body's sexual systems are active (aroused) the brain's sexual circuits kick in (desire) and sexual activity naturally follows hopefully leading to orgasm and resolution

Research also indicates the sensations of physical sexual arousal; the mental and emotional desire for sex; and the sexual excitement and stimulation responses are governed by pathways in the brain. This suggests improving the function brain pathways can lead to enhanced female sexual libido, greater sexual excitement and improved orgasmic function.

What's exciting about these new insights into the function of the female libido is that the brain pathways responsible for the female sex drive can be enhanced through the use of supplements, changes in diet and the removal of substances that interfere with a woman's normal sexual function and enjoyment of sex. The search for female Viagra ® and treatment of female sexual dysfunction should begin in your cupboard.


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